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To succeed in this type of adventure, support is crucial and the presence of mentors helps a lot...

Thanks to my PhD supervisor, Blaise Corthésy, for providing me guidance, support and advice at each step of my adventure in Science and when important decisions have to be made.

I would like to acknowledge Ed Lavelle for his guidance for my 5-year postdoctoral experience in Dublin.

I warmly thank Miles Carroll for their precious support in my projects at the University of Oxford during tough times at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the development of my career.

Thanks to Stephane Paul for giving me the opportunity to start a new chapter in my career.

Everyone has one person who is a kind of model... Thanks, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, for your precious support and our discussions which help me a lot to face challenges in this fascinating life of scientist full of emotions.

I would like to thank my parents and my close friends for being there to celebrate my achievements but also to help me to go through hard times when necessary. Finally, thanks to my favorite artists for their precious support. Our fields are not the same but our feelings and our perceptions of the world are very close.

Photo credits:

Home page: Copyright Sorenland Photography

Other pictures: Copyright Stéphanie Longet, Rachel Kavanagh, Tony Byrne, RTS Un

Video credits:

Home page: Copyright Sorenland Photography

Outreach activities: Science Gallery Dublin

Make-up: Emma Colors


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