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2021-2022: Science Together project with the University of Oxford and Urban Music Foundation

Speaker at Soapbox Science Oxford and London 2022

2020: November: 'I'm a Scientist, get me out of here', Health Zone and Academy Zone (funded by the British Science Society)

18th November: Delegate for Women in STEM conference 2020

7th September: Soapbox Science London 2020 (online)


'Celebrate vaccines' event in Salisbury (talks, activities) CANCELLED DUE TO THE PANDEMIC

British Society for Immunology Award to support this project 


STEM ambassador (UK)

Public Health England Outreach Team

Coordinator of Pint of Science 2020

Antibiotic STEM ambassador (Salisbury)


Event manager for Pint of Science Salisbury 2019

December 2018-February 2019: Mediator for the exhibitions and events at Science Gallery Dublin

September 2018: Exhibition dedicated to mucosal vaccines for the large public event PROBE 2018 at Trinity College Dublin.


May 2018: Coordinator for Pint of Science Dublin


2016-2018: Collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin

Involvement in biology workshop sessions including teachers, researchers and Science Gallery collaborators for the review of the Junior Cycle Science specification

Co-organisation of Public Engagement Seminars with the Research Coordinator of Science Gallery

Participation in the large public event PROBE 2017 at Trinity College Dublin: discussion/exhibition about vaccines

Participation in the event HRB Red Alert Vaccine including a debate with large public

Aug-Sept 2015: Discover Research Dublin 2015

Co-organisation of 11 visits of labs in Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute building for more than 200 public visitors and supervision of 45 volunteers involved in this event

Jun 2015-Present: Communication/outreach affairs CRANN, Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

Transition Year Student Weeks: Organisation of workshops and meetings for Transition Year Students

Feb-Mar 2014: Scientific Mediator (Eprouvette, public laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland)

Organisation of workshops for large public (adults and children)

2011-2013: "Cafés scientifiques" (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Organisation of science conferences for the large public

Jan-Jul 2009: Internship (Eprouvette, public laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland):

Development of a workshop (title: De l’épidémie à la pandémie) for students and the general public

Dec 2006-Feb 2007: Interdisciplinary seminar of biomedical ethics and sciences

Development of a public seminar (title: technological implants) with a debate about transhumanism

Outreach activities

Mucosal vaccine exhibition 2018.jpg
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