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I strongly believe that Science is not only knowledge but also creation, imagination and intuition. Consequently, I consider that some inputs coming from other activities are essential and can even impact on research activities by developing additionnal skills and by helping in the development of novel ideas.

Artists, especially musicians, have always fascinated me since I was a child. After having practiced several instruments such as piano, guitar, violin as well as singing, I decided to get involved in fan communities of my favorite artists. I first decided to organise social events for fans (David Hallyday (F), Michel Polnareff (F), Dorian Gray (CH)) then, even for the artists themselves. Step by step I started to be involved in more important tasks such as official communication for Christophe (F) or the coordination of the last concert tour as well as communication, press relations and management activities for Jean-Patrick Capdevielle (F).

Former project:

- Involvement in official communication of Christophe

- Development of interviews for Douze France TV

- Involvement in the developement of the Opera "Atylantos" written and composed by Jean-Patrick Capdevielle

I apply the skills I have developed in science to these projects such as skills in organisation, logistics and communication.

And for me, these collaborations are a key source of inspiration in my research.

In addition, I also have other important sources of inspiration such as cinema (Isabelle Huppert) and literature (e.g. Françoise Sagan).

Since I was teenager, I have been very interested in Philosophy and especially the ideas I can apply to my daily life and to my own conception of the world. For a few years, my main source of inspiration in this field comes from the French philosopher Michel Onfray. I was especially impressed by the creation of the "Université Populaire de Caen" (2002-2018) where everybody could attend free and high quality lectures in various topics.

In 2019, I decided to start learning Japanese. I wanted to learn a language very different from French. Even though I had to stop learning for several months due to COVID-19 pandemic and my involvement in key studies at Public Health England and the University of Oxford, I was able to start this challenge again in 2021 with two nice professors

Finally I joined the Oxfordshire Bat Group in 2021/2022 and attended several courses organised by Bat Conservation Trust

"Dans la tête d'un(e) fan" - Swiss TV,  RTS Un (16.05.18) with Jean-Patrick Capdevielle.

In French

Interview - Swiss WebRadio "Radio People" (28.12.18)

In French

Interview - 36.9 backstage (Swiss TV, RTS)

In French

"Art versus Science": Discussion with the composer and songwriter Soren Sorensen - In French

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Interview (December 2019 - Journal 'S'envoler sans s'affoler')

Other activities

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" (Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1921)

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